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Steam iron ART-SI- 950


Maximum power: 2600 W.
Body material: high-quality plastic.
Sole type: non-stick ceramic coating.
Power of long steam: 10-25 g / min
Steam boost capacity of 220 g / min, will help while smoothing creases on delicate fabrics.
3 automatic ironing modes: cotton / linen, wool / silk, synthetics.
Due to the vertical steaming, you can smooth the clothes without removing them from the hanger with the help of powerful steam, as well as stroke the curtains on the curtains.
Dry ironing will effectively smooth out even without using water.
The self-cleaning function is designed to clean the inside of the iron tank from scale, which prolongs the life of the device.
Anti-drop system prevents drops of water on the fabric.
The automatic power off turns off the iron after a certain period of inactivity and protects the device from burnout.
Rotation of the cord on 360° will create maximum comfort during ironing.
Measuring cup for the gulf of water is included in the iron set