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Steam iron ART-SI-232


Power: 2800 watts.
Body material: high-quality impact-resistant plastic.
Sole type: non-stick ceramic coating.
Sole material: non-stick coating with ceramic coating.
Due to the large volume of the water tank (300 ml), the need for frequent refilling of water is eliminated.
А special measuring cup for water is included.
There are also many useful and convenient features:
Powerful steam blow (160g / min) allows you to direct the flow of steam in a certain section of the fabric.
Vertical steam for comfortable ironing things with a lot of details.
Dry ironing for very delicate fabrics.
Spraying water allows you to direct the flow of water to a specific area of fabric.
Descaling system for a long iron life.
Anti-drop system prevents drops of water on the fabric.
2 modes of steam supply: strong and weak depending on the state of the fabric.
3 automatic ironing modes: cotton / linen, silk / wool, synthetic, delicate mode.
Automatic power off (AUTO OFF) turns off the iron after a certain time and inactivity