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Artel service center specialists are able to quickly diagnose and make a repair of any complexity if the product is to be restored.

For the convenience of customers, more than 34 service centers have been established, conducting their activities in each region of the Republic of Uzbekistan. More than 380 qualified specialists are ready every day to provide their assistance in case of any questions, as well as to carry out repairs on-site. To do this, more than 50 cars, equipped with all necessary equipment operate throughout the country.

In case of a serious malfunction caused by improper operation, in which the product cannot be recovered, Artel service centers are ready to offer a replacement with a new product for very favorable conditions.


At the heart of the trust relationship between the producer and the consumer is confidence in quality. It is for this reason that Artel gives a three-year full free warranty on all its products. The company assumes the cost of repair and the provision of service within three years from the date of purchase of equipment, provided that it is properly used, and Artel experts are always glad to advise you and provide their assistance.