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Multicooker ART-MC-B85


Maximum power: 700W
Body material: high quality metal.
Large bowl capacity (5 l), which can feed even a large family (5-10 people).
The bowl is made of high-quality aluminum, and the non-stick coating will not allow your dishes to burn.
Bowl cover: high-quality ceramics.
The LCD display will make using the multi- cooker convenient and enjoyable.
A delayed start (24 hours) will allow you to start the multi-cooker even without being at home.
The innovative technology of uniform distribution of heat ensures even cooking of your dishes from all sides.
The function of the individual mode allows you to set your own cooking program with a choice of time and temperature.
Additional devices: container for steaming, tongs for the bowl, jars for making yogurt, fryer, measuring cup, spoons, holder for scoop / spoon.
Defrost mode allows you defrost your products easily.
The mode “fast cooking” is extremely convenient when you are limited in time.
30 automatic programs