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Electric kettle ART-KE-7431


Power: 2500–3000 W
Maximum water volume: 1.7 l
Body material: high-grade stainless steel
Automatic lid opening function
Due to the fact that the kettle is equipped with a scale filter, your water will always be clean (no flakes of scale)
Stainless steel bottom with concealed heating element for comfortable use and easy cleaning
Due to the fact that the water level indicator on the body of the kettle is transparent, you can easily see the amount of water in the kettle
The function of protection against switching on without water (STRIX (England)), so that the kettle does not melt if inadvertently switched on without water. Also, due to the presence of the English controller STRIX, the life of the kettle is significantly extended
Rotate to 360. The stand allows the kettle to rotate around its axis to 360.
Auto power off after boiling water
Book of recipes in a set (useful properties of various teas)