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Artel MD 4218 L mini-oven

A taste that you remember for a long time
The Artel MD 4218 L mini-oven is equipped with a large number of various functions, and properties, such as “Grill”, “Convection”, “Function of automatic shutdown”, “The mechanical timer of preparation” and many another.




Sound timer in mini-oven

At the end of the cooking process at the Artel mini-ovens, a sound timer is triggered to indicate that the dish is ready and can be served.

Mini-oven convection

Convection in Artel mini-ovens helps to cook meals and pastries quickly and evenly due to the distribution of hot air by a special fan.

Mini-oven lighting lamp

An illumination lamp is an added convenience that allows you to fully appreciate whether your dish is cooked. Due to the lamp installed in the mini-oven, you will never have any inconvenience even in low light conditions.

Special internal coating of mini-oven

Artel mini-ovens have a special internal coating on which no scratches remain, even at prolonged high temperatures. Due to the smooth surface the cleaning process becomes a pleasure.

Removable door in mini oven

A convenient removable door together with a tempered heat-resistant glass gives you comfort and reliability for many years.


Grill Function in mini-oven

Artel mini-ovens have two heating elements, and three modes: • grill heating • lower heating • simultaneous heating mode. Steady roasting is necessary for cooking meat or fish, baking vegetables is achieved by the simultaneous operation of the lower and upper heating.

Special internal coating ✓
Fine thermostat ✓
Convection mode ✓
Buzzer ✓
Grill mode ✓
Illumination lamp ✓
Removable door ✓
Temperature-resistant glass ✓
Oven capacity, l 42.0
Casing material Steel 08U
Temperature settings, C˚ up to 300°С
Upper heater, kW 0.65
Lower heater, kW 0.85
Heating grill, kW 0.7
Oven power, kW 1.55
Number of heating modes 6.0
Baking mode ✓
Simultaneous heating of two heaters ✓
Mechanical cooking timer (buzzer) up to 90 min.
Automatic safety shut-off ✓
LED indicators ✓
Baking pan height adjustment ✓
Enameled rectangular tray 2.0
Deep rounded tray ✓
Grid ✓
Dimensions, without package (H x W x D), mm 340 x 590 x 470
Dimensions, with package (H x W x D), mm 350 x 600 x 480
Weight without package, kg 18,5