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Artel Art-9050G built-in cooktop

Artel built-in appliances
Compactness and functionality
Artel Art-9050G cooking surface is made of high-quality glass-ceramic. Thanks to the Artel hob, you will save a significant amount of space while maintaining all the functionality of a classic stove.




Convenient operation of cooking tops

Artel cooking surfaces are equipped with various indicators that show whether heating elements are currently working.

Ergonomic cooking top

Due to the high ergonomics of Artel’s cooking tops, ease of operation and their management are brought to perfection. Feel the ease of using Artel cooking tops!

High quality body material of cooking tops

Artel cooking surfaces are made of high-quality materials, due to which they retain their attractive appearance and will look completely new even after many years of use.

Safety of work with cooking top

To ensure safety, gas burners have a gas control function. If the burner flame goes out, the gas flow will automatically stop.

Safety enable
Ergonomic design enable
High quality body material enable
Comfort use enable
Type of built-in cooktop gas
Body casing glass-ceramic
Number of cooktop gas burners, pcs. 5.0
Number of electric burners, pcs. 0.0
“Gas control” feature enable
Electric ignition enable
Gas pressure – natural gas (methane), Mbar (max) 20.0
Gas pressure – condensed gas (propane, butane), Mbar (max) 30.0
Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz
Total energy consumption, kW (max) none
Power of left front burner, kW 1.0
Power of right front burner, kW 1.75
Power of left rear burner, kW 3.0
Power of right rear burner, kW 1.75
Power of central burner, kW 4.0
Dimensions, without package (H x W x D), mm 80 х 900 х 555
Dimensions, with package (H x W x D), mm 180 х 975 х 575
Weight without package, kg 21.9
Weight with package, kg 24.6