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Artel Art-24HI inverter air conditioner

Creating your own atmosphere
Control the weather and create your own atmosphere with the help of an innovative inverter motor. You can control the temperature through the Wi-Fi connection from anywhere in the world.



Compressors from world leaders in production

High-quality, inverter compressor with a record low level of power consumption, will provide the optimum temperature in the room.

Reliable Inverter Motor

Inverter motors are much more durable, and are designed in such a way that they regulate the temperature much more accurately, stably maintaining the desired comfort temperature. The big advantage of inverter motors is the absolute lack of noise and high energy efficiency.

Adaptation according to climatic conditions

Art-24 HI is fully adapted to the climatic conditions of our country. The air conditioner can operate in Turbo Performance Mode, in case of problems with electricity, the Art-24 HI will turn on automatically and re-configure the previously set mode.

Air flow adjustment

Adjusting the air flow will allow you to regulate the power and direction of the wind, which will cool or heat the room in the most comfortable conditions.

Low voltage operation * starting from 150 V ✓
Motor type – INVERTER ✓
Compressors from world leading manufacturers ✓
Adapted for climatic conditions ✓
Wi-Fi control ✓
2 levels of air purification ✓
Type of refrigerant (Freon) R 410А
Ventilation mode enable
LED-display (set temperature, operating mode, On/Off.) enable
Anti-corrosion coating enable
Cooling ambient temperature up to +52°С
Heating ambient temperature up to -20°С
Noise level of indoor unit / outdoor unit, dB 48 / 57
Specific cooling capacity, W/W (minimum) 3.21
Specific heating capacity, W/W (minimum) 3.61
Air flow, m3/h (minimum) 1250.0
Cooling capacity, BTU (minimum) 24650.0
Heating capacity, BTU (minimum) 25600.0
Heat output, kW (minimum) 7.5
Cooling capacity, kW (minimum) 7.2
Recommended Area up to 65 m²
Power consumption for cooling, W 2250.0
Power consumption for heating, W 2078.0
Power supply (phase, voltage, frequency) 1Ph/187-242V/50Hz
Dimensions of the indoor unit, mm (H x W x D) 240 х 970 х 315
Dimensions of the outdoor unit, mm (H x W x D) 660 х 803 х 303
Weight of the indoor unit, kg 16.0
Weight of the outdoor unit, kg 52.0