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Artel Art-0660 Rainbow kitchen hood

Artel Art-0660 Rainbow kitchen hood
Clean air guarantee
The elegant design of Art-0660 Rainbow kitchen hood will bring its highlight to the interior of your kitchen and make it even more refined. Powerful and at the same time practically silent engine, Art-0660 Rainbow will clean your kitchen from unpleasant odors in a matter of minutes, without disturbing your business at all.



Aluminum / BAFFLE filter

Aluminum / BAFFLE filters installed in Artel hoods are particularly reliable, safe and durable. Unlike many other filters, Artel aluminum filters do not require replacement and will last as long as the hoods themselves.

High performance of the hood

Owing to special technologies, Artel hoods have very high performance, which allows you to clean the room from unpleasant odors and burning particles in a matter of minutes.

Low noise level of kitchen hood

A distinctive feature of Artel hoods is an incredibly low noise level. The exhaust hood, which works at full power, practically does not make any noise and does not interfere at all with other things.

Anti-return valve

Anti-return valves prevent the penetration of foreign odors from the street. When the Artel hood is turned on, the valves come into motion and allow air to flow out freely, when the hood is turned off, the valve closes and provides clean air inside the apartment.

LED lighting of the hood

Convenient built-in LED lights will give you additional convenience and will be an excellent tool when cooking in low light conditions.

Low noise ✓
LED Lighting ✓
Efficient production ✓
Aluminum / BAFFLE filter ✓
Non-return valve ✓
Capacity, m/hr 700.0
Lighting 2×2 W, LED
Type of control mechanical buttons
Number of Speed levels 3.0
Air duct diameter, mm 150.0
Corrugated chimney flue (1.4 meter) ✓
Engine power, W 150.0
Number of engines, ea. 1.0
Casing plastic
Filter type Aluminum / BAFFLE filter
Filter amount, units 1.0
Dimensions, without package (H x W x D), mm 550 x 600 x 500
Dimensions, with package (H x W x D), mm 615 x 505 x 359
Weight without package, kg 11.25



Белый, Чёрный, Серый