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ART-AH-908A Humidifier Air


Power: 30 W
Electric power supply: 220 V / 50 Hz
Moisture Intensity: 300 ml / h
Distribution area of ​​humidified air: up to 50 square meters. m
An ultrasonic humidifier evenly distributes and moisturizes the air in your home
Thanks to innovative technology, this device saturates the air with water molecules
Even distribution of humidified air in the room guarantees the humidification of the entire room
Thanks to the green light on during operation of the device, you always know whether your device is on
Thanks to the red indicator light on when there is no water in the tank, you will always know the amount of water in your device
By adjusting the humidity level, you can adjust the humidity level that is most needed in your room
Thanks to the automatic shut-off function without water, your device will last you a long time
Thanks to the spacious water tank (4.5 l), you do not have to top up water as often
Silent work for even greater convenience
The water level indicator allows you to easily monitor the amount of water in the device