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ARTEL home appliances are produced using cutting-edge technologies and modern equipment, that corresponds all ultimate tendencies. Studying and implementing the experience of the world manufacturers of household appliances we create contemporary and easy-to-use products really enjoyed by our clients.

The entire range of the home appliances by ARTEL is produced in Uzbekistan and meets the highest quality standards being 100% national brand.

ARTEL production facilities are equipped with the hardware of the leading world manufacturers, specialising on the manufacture of process lines equipment and complex household appliances: COMI, ULVAC, Inficon, etc. Through the use of the high-tech equipment, the production processes are fully automated, and the quality of transactions is assured at every stage applying electronic monitoring systems.



At the beginning of 2014  the production of heat exchangers and evaporators for air-conditioners was organized. The high-speed stamping presses with corresponding accessories were installed. The site is equipped with two lines for cutting and shaping of 0.105 mm thick aluminum foil. The design of the cut foil is elaborated taking into account the climate of Central Asia and the conditions of high dustiness in order to ensure its long service as well as for prevention purposes.

Upgraded quality control was achieved by application of modern equipment of ULVAC (Japan) and Inficon (Germany) that detects any gas escape in the radiator and refrigerant in the air conditioner. There is also a laboratory and climatic chambers for complete scan of the modes and parameters of the air conditioner.



The production of the internal chambers and door panels for refrigerators and deep-freezers by ARTEL is carried out in the special thermo vacuum forming machine (TVFM) by the famous Italian manufacturer COMI, which can quickly produce an item of any form or size characterised by high quality and attractive design.

The automatic line for sidebars formation automatically download, pierce, bend, form and cut metal panels.

ARTEL uses the most modern technologies to install the control panels. The equipment for preparation and installation of control panels in the refrigerator body and doors is manufactured by Canon (Italy) and provides automatic replacement of forms and automatic filling of raw material in the system. As well as the ability to simultaneously fill in 4 models of refrigerator.

During the assembling o the fridge units on the production line the compressor by EMBRACO is installed – the world leader of the production of hermetic compressors.

The advantages of the compressor EMBRACO:

  • High performance and reliability.
  • Stable operation during electricity alterations from 155-160 V to 245-250 V
  • Lifetime without breakdowns of more than 10 years.
  • Economical power consumption. Class A + power consumption.
  • Low noise and vibration.
  • Small weight and dimensions compared to other compressors of the same power level.

Preliminary automatic vacuum refrigeration of the referegirating unit is carried out by the vacuum pump ULVAC VD-301 (Japan). Ultimate refrigerant filling is produced on Italian equipment GALILEO, which is furnished with an automatic alarm for gas leak measurement. Ultrasonic welding of KOBRA (Germany) is used for soldering after refilling the refrigerant. The leak detectors Inficon ECOTEC 300 (Germany) perform automatically control of refrigerant R600a leaks at the final stage.

There is a total stage by stage control of each device realised on the refrigerators assembly line.


The production site includes: spiral, compressing installation and assembling lines of gas stoves and mini ovens with accessories and testing devices.

To paint the metal parts of stoves, as well as to enamel the working surfaces of stoves and mini ovens the equipment by leading manufacturers is used:

  • painting assembly-line that allows to realize 5-stage chemical cleaning of metal products in automatic mode, to avoid products corrosion and to improve the adhesion of the paint layer.
  • enamelling line, that includes automated cameras for the application of enamels and drying oven

Strength of welded joints, as well as spot welding is guaranteed by application of the equipment by Turkish company KAYSAN.


New production line has a number of structural improvements, which make manufacture of televisions much more economical and easier from a technological point of view. The line meets all the rules and requirements of modern production lines. The process consists of pre-assembly process – preparation of main issues consisting of LED panels, speakers, metal frames for fastening of boards and panels, test line and packaging.


The production of semi-automatic washing machines with an outstanding modern design and high security was launched in 2012.

They are manufactured of impact-resistant plastic that do not corrode.

  • The semi-automatic washing machines are ideal for locations where there is no hot water and central water supply.
  • Almost any laundry detergent can be used, even the most simple and affordable one.
  • Energy consumption is 6-10 times more cost-effective during medium washing cycle.


The production facilities consist of 4 lines, adapted for the assembly process and packaging, a line for manufacturing thermoplastic plastic phone frames, a large laboratory area and paint shop, designed to paint the middle and back parts of the phone frame.

Assembly tables are covered with an antistatic coating, all work on the assembly line are realized in gloves.

Broadband radio communication tester R&SCMW 500 serves for analyzing control signals of the receiver-transmitters in the cellular phones and allows you to check the power of the radio unit and to speed up the scan time.

After carrying out assembly operations the cell phones are delivered to a specially equipped testing laboratory. Each phone is checked separately, and runs two control stages performed by experts of the plant.


ARTEL tests its products under controlled conditions before releasing them on the market. The tests allow to determine the reliability of products in various situations.

Environmental test laboratory is a necessary component of an industrial complex, providing complete product testing for the ability to operate in any circumstances, when the failures of technology are possible followed by conditions resulting in emergency situations. Simulation of the external climatic conditions is achieved by various combinations of values of temperature, pressure, humidity.

There are laboratories created and climatic chambers equipped at each production line to fully validate the parameters of electrical engineering.

Here is a partial list of tests that are conducted in laboratories and climatic chambers:

Production of refrigerators:

  • check for refrigerant leaks
  • check for electrical safety.

Functional testing:

  • temperature rise test
  • control of the average temperature of the freezer and refrigeration chambers.
  • test on energy consumption:
  • test to obtain food in refrigerators ice
  • test of moisture deposition.

Production of air conditioners:

  • test on cooling/heating capacity, is held on equipment that does not have analogues in Central Asia
  • workability of high and low voltage
  • the speed of the airflow
  • workability at low and high temperature conditions
  • calculation of EFFICIENCY of the product.

Production of mobile phones:

  • Broadband radio communication tester by German manufacturer ROHDE&SCWARZ serves for analyzing control signals of cell phone reception-transmitters, allows you to check the power of the radio unit.
  • color control box TILOT60 to check colors for matching in different lighting specters;
  • audio signal generator TH 1312-20 to test the speakers;
  • electrical safety tester GPI 735A for checking charge at high voltage;
  • microphone tester AWA-6063B;
  • hyperbaric chamber (temperature and humidity chamber) MHU-408L;
  • sound level tester TES-135 OA – device to measure the sound level.


Automatic molding machines (AMM) is an equipment for casting plastic parts under pressure.

Nowadays, ARTEL production base includes a wide range of the automatic molding machines by the world famous company of Haitian – one of the world leaders by its quality and sales.

ARTEL uses full range of AMM Haitian SATURN and Haitian MARS that are equipped with components by famous European manufactures, that allows to produce high quality equipment. AMM of this type have energy-saving resources and are controlled by a mini processor, all processes are taking place following a special program, which has a positive effect on the quality of the products and performance of the enterprise.

High repeatability precision of injection-molding process is guaranteed by the computer control system of Austrian company KEBA. Alarm display indicates errors during operation and provides comprehensive information about problems.

The biggest machine has the force of a closure of the 21000 Kn and injection capacity of 9683 CC, that allows to produce large-scale products weighing up to 7 kg, with the exact dimension geometry. The smallest machine has the force of a closure of 1600 Kn and injection capacity of 320 CC, that allows to produce minor devices of high quality.


There is a a large shop of plate bending presses by SIMPAC (Korea) at ARTEL production facilities. Eccentric presses are designed for cutting operations, embossing, pressing on progressive plates of the parts for air conditioners, gas stoves and mini ovens. Hydraulic presses with a force of 200, 250, 350 and 450 tons are designed for accurate deep drawing of sheet metal. The execution within the range of nominal force from 10 to 450 tons and dimensions of cabinets from 620 x 405 mm to 2 800 x 1 300 mm are also available.

Automated lines for length and cross cutting of Turkish manufacturer AGMLINE, occupying a leading position in the world in production of this equipment, are used for cutting parts for gas stoves and mini ovens.

Slitting line is designed for cutting of a rolled sheet metal into strips with simultaneous formation of strips into individual rolls. Cutup lines for rolled material are intended for cross cutting of wide rolls of sheet metal into sheets. Cutting of the plate with thickness from 0.5 mm to 4 mm is performed simultaneously with the installation of reinforcement rollers.

The guillotine shears to cut metal by BAYRA and BAYKAL are also used in this area. They consist of a machine designed for cutting sheet and strip metal with thickness from 0.5 mm to 4 mm.

With machines of this class ARTEL has unquestionable advantage in the quality of the products.

The special packaging equipment ensures the proper appearance of our products, because the packaging is an important part of the image of the trade mark.

Our ergonomic and safe goods with large number of useful, stylish, original functional solutions are available in a variety of colours, allowing you to combine them with any interior design. It should be noted that the devices manufactured by ARTEL are more affordable for the majority of customers than their equivalent, imported from abroad.

ARTEL product quality meets international standards, it is guaranteed by the multilevel monitoring system of production and highly qualified personnel, which is a crucial competitive advantage of the brand. Our staff consists of highly qualified specialists who have extensive experience, have realized additional training, with an average age of 28-30 years.

The main part of the corporate ethics is the relentless pursuit of perfection, the search for new solutions, a collective work for the common goal.

The principle of ARTEL is to create household appliances that are reliable, comfortable and easy to operate.